Who, What, and Why : WordPress Hosting – VPS, Shared, Managed

Thanks to WordPress, most of us know how to pick our dream template to create a professional looking website. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, a lot of users are left in the dark. Luckily there are a lot of hosting companies who have tailored their services to for WordPress use, meaning all we have to decide is the type of hosting we want.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is usually where users start. It’s cheap and it’s easy. All we have to do is go to a hosting website, lay down our credit card for a domain, and get going. This option is great if we’re looking to get a dot com address to make our blog easy to find and remember.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

The thing is, on the internet, as in life, cheap is not always the best. Shared hosting is literally what it sounds like: Shared. We don’t know who we’re sharing our hosting with. It could be a parenting blog, or it could be be something illegal. Meaning if our unsavory neighbours get flagged, our website may also suffer the consequences. While search engines like Google understand the reality of shared hosing, and our while website may not be flagged for sharing servers and ip addresses with spammy sites, we may experience slower loading times because of the toll their websites take on the server. This means we will get fewer viewers to our site as our site will fall lower in search rankings.

Shared hosting also means shared resources, so our potentially sketchy neighbours can be eating up server space, and exposing us to potential security risks if they have not secured their website correctly. We also won’t have root access, so we won’t be able to restore our website from backups, or adjust our server settings.

Over all, shared hosting doesn’t have many pros other than that it is accessible and affordable, while the negatives are pretty extensive. The lack of security and potential to affect site rankings is enough reason to avoid it. This type of hosting is best for those of us who have blogs who aren’t dependent on ad revenue to fund our sites, or those of us who have sites as reference for our product and service and are not looking to gain attention exclusively through the internet.

Best 3 WordPress Hosting Providers – Shared Hosting:

1. BlueHost          
2. Hostgator     
3. FatCow    

VPS Hosting:

If we’re looking for something more secure, but still need the affordability of sharing a server, a virtual private server (VPS) is better. VPS is still shared, but there are fewer users on the server, and we are allocated a certain percentage of resources on the server, kind of like a data cap on high speed service. It’s less likely our neighbours, be they running a shady website or just lax about security, will affect us negatively. As for root access and server settings, that depends on our system administrator, and access is pretty case by case.

VPS means our site will also load faster, which will attract more traffic and is sufficient for most users as long as the site doesn’t exceed the limits set by the server for each site each month. VPS sites are good for blogs and personal websites who are interested in monetizing their site through advertisements.

The pros for VPS are many, especially compared to shared hosting. Sites load faster and are more secure for a variety of transactions. The main con is of VPS hosting is if site traffic suddenly jumps and exceeds the amount of server space that is allotted for the site. That can result in charges and embarrassing outages.

Best 2 WordPress Hosting VPS providers – Digital Ocean and Linode

Managed Hosting:

So we’ve looked at all the choices and have decided that our website needs the most secure hosting for our online store, and we need full access to everything. If that’s the case, we need managed hosting, or a dedicated server. Managed hosting is like owning a house. We can do whatever we want with it, and we can rent out rooms to other users if needed. While this is hands down the most expensive option, we can lessen costs by leasing or renting a server, although there may be an administrator we have to answer to.

Managed hosting is the safest and fastest WordPress Hosting option. We don’t have to worry about our traffic levels or our site being slowed down by others we are sharing the server with. However on the downside, it is the most expensive, and requires some existing knowledge about server administration, so it is not for everyone.

Best 3 WordPress Managed Hosting Providers:

1. WPEngine
2. Synthesis from StudioPress
3. Page.ly

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