FatCow Web Hosting – Review and Ratings

Designed to shine a new light on modern web hosting, FatCow Web Hosting is no bull.  This alternative to contemporary hosts removes the techno-jargon, complicated pricing plans, and confusing processes that often plague mainstream options.  Their user friendly approach has been wowing clients since 1998; and the popularity of this unique web hosting service continues to grow by the day, especially as the world becomes more conscientious of the environment.  With a dedicated group of talented experts and an old-fashioned service mantra, FatCow is turning web hosting in a fun and rewarding experience.

Products and Services:

The one-of-a-kind services offered by FatCow are designed to simplify and highlight your personal or small business website.  With a comprehensive platform and easy-to-use features, admins can benefit from it with ease.  The program gives users everything they need to get started right away:

  • Exciting site building tools
  • Access to an exclusive theme library
  • Unlimited email boxes
  • Free domain name
  • No bandwidth or storage limits

Having access to all of these useful features is what separates the weak from the herd.  FatCow helps you stay one step ahead, while giving you tools to deal with an impending stampede of interested clientele.

FatCow Web Hosting Pros:

FatCow gives you and your small business great hosting plans with no confusing bull.  This host is a pioneer of the one-plan-one-price philosophy.  Because of this, users will become privy to several pros:

  • Once per year pricing at a $49 flat rate
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to 24/7 Moo Crew support
  • Various advertising credits for Google AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing, and more
  • Association with an eco-friendly host
  • Opportunity to earn Green Badges

Trying to find a web host that offers this much is going to difficult.  Perhaps that is why FatCow is so often considered to be the leader of the herd.  This provider of shared web solutions is an affordable option for anyone who has a small to medium-sized business.

FatCow Web Hosting Cons:

Not all web hosts are created equally; and as a result, they do not typically fulfill the needs of all who use it.  Considering all options before you decide is the wisest course of action.  Some of the most notable FatCow cons:

  • Extra cost associated with MiniMoo program for those who wish for a full hosting plan
  • Not well suited for large businesses
  • Yearly fee takes from the freedoms of monthly contracts

Those who had qualms with FatCow still managed to give it a good overall review at the end of the day.  Nothing is for everybody; but this host is sure going to try for it anyway.

The Final Answer:

Promoting your website with FatCow as your host can help you to increase the traffic, conversions, profits, and status of your reputation.  Dealing with a notable web host can get you started off on the right foot; and staying with a growing and progressive company can help you to later graze upon the fields of their good name.  Use this host and get great web hosting – no bull.

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