How to Choose a Niche Domain Name

If you are new to the world of Internet marketing, you may not be familiar with the term “niche domain name.” What that means is a site specifically designed to meet the information or product needs for a specific targeted audience like Slow Cookers, Motorcycle Gloves or something else. A niche site can be broad or narrow in scope, but usually the more narrow your target market, the more effective your site will be.

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“A good example would be if you wanted to start a website in the parenting niche. You would have to work pretty hard to stand out in such a broad market as that. However, if you narrowed your focus to, lets say, “Single Dads”, then you would be far more likely to reach an audience and build traffic.”

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Once you have identified your niche, then it is time to go shopping for a domain name. The Niche domain name you choose is probably the first important decision you will have to make once you know what your site will be about. In this article we will give you some tips and tricks for researching and determining your niche domain name.

.Com Domain is Still King:

There are a lot of different “top level domains” or TLDs that you could choose from – .Com,.Net,.Org,.Biz,.Info,.TV and even more. While each of these may serve a purpose, the number one TLD that you should seek for your niche domain name is in the .com arena. These types of domains are more likely to be recognized as authoritative, and there is even some research to indicate that .com sites are indexed and ranked more quickly than the others. So if possible, always choose a domain name in this category.

How to Choose a Niche Domain Name:

If you know your niche, but don’t really know what you want your website to be called, then there are some tips you can use to come up with one. Make sure to choose a domain name that is:

Easy to remember
Not too long, and easy to spell. (Words like entrepreneur and synonym probably wouldn’t be the best choices for inclusion in your domain name.)
Descriptive. (In other words, the domain name should be related to and in some way describe the focus of the site.)
Avoid hyphens and numbers
Rhythm. (Make sure your domain name flows easily off the tongue.)

Remember, you are looking for an available domain in the .com arena, so try different variations of the niche domain name you are looking for before settling for a different TLD.

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In addition, if you are targeting a specific country, then consider shopping for a domain name with that domain extention.

• (New Zealand)
• (The United Kingdom)
• (Canada

There are currently over 200 specific domain extensions available for TLDs, so you should consider this an option if your niche is country specific.

Keyword Importance:

Whatever you niche, I assume you have done some keyword research. If you can identify the top five keywords you would like to be ranked for, consider purchasing a domain name that includes one or more of those keywords. This will also help your site to be ranked higher. Keep in mind that the more competitive the keyword, the more difficult it will be to rank on the first few pages of Google. Choose carefully.

Google Search and Trademarks:

Something you should also consider is doing some research to find out if the domain you want to use is already trademarked or copyrighted. Nothing is worse than receiving a cease and desist letter from an attorney because the words in your Niche domain name violate a trademark or copyright. Should that happen, you would potentially lose all of your traffic, and even face legal penalties depending on the situation. A little research is worth the time to avoid the potential risks.

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Finally, consider searching on Google for other sites that rank in the keyword or niche you are looking to get into. If you search for your keyword or phrase, and the sites that pop up on the first page are extremely well known sites, then you may be in for a long fight in order to rank. It does not necessarily mean you should choose a different niche, but you might want to think about how you can stand out.

Affiliate marketing and building a successful niche site takes time and hard work. Many people are successfully generating a full time income by doing just that, and hundreds of others are engaging in a hobby they enjoy.

Regardless of your motivations, we hope the domain name ideas in this article can get you off on the right foot.

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