Best Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes

WordPress has dozens, maybe hundreds of Photography/Portfolio themes designed specifically to focus on photo blogging or help you develop an online portfolio.

Photos are powerful, (Think Pintrest) and if your business or hobby involved pictures, then you might want to consider choosing a theme that allows your users to quickly access, view and share your photos.

Almost all themes, both free and premium, allow you to add photos or video to your site, but photography themes are designed to focus on them, making them the centerpiece, rather than the text.

Portfolio themes allow for you to showcase your art or work.  This is especially important for those who need to be able to quickly demonstrate their product to a potential client.

Whether you are in design, art, illustration, or architecture; a portfolio theme can get your work quickly in front your audience in a prominent way.  Basically, with both photography and portfolio WordPress themes, the picture takes the place of a thousand words.

This is regularly updating post, Right now we are showcasing the 25+ best free/premium Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes. Selection is based on

  1. Responsiveness/Browser Compatibility
  2. Features and Plugins
  3. Customization options
  4. Customer support (forum/ticket based) and many other
Photography/Portfolio WordPress

DeepFocus Photography/Portfolio WordPress Theme:

Deep Focus is a fully featured 100% Responsive Photography WordPress theme from Elegant Themes for Photography blogs/sites.

This theme comes with premium features like Lightbox effects to show your photographic content, Homepage content slider to display your recent works, slider rollover additional information feature,100% responsive design to suit any screen size, Many Color schemes to choose, Technical support and many more.

Gleam – An elegant Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes:

It’s ok to show off! Highlight your logo or best work with the Gleam WordPress theme, featuring a rollover, drop-down menu on the homepage with links to your related pages. Elegant yet simplistic, allow your discerning guests to navigate the site with ease and precision. After all, sometimes less is more.

Origin from Elegant Themes:

Origin theme for WordPress makes your website perfectly compatible with modern lifestyles and devices. The theme customizer tool helps you exhibit relative images in a grid, while the rollover tool on each image displays the most important information therein. In addition, the comprehensive blog menus make searches a quick and easy endeavor.

Source – Responsive Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes:

Source is the WordPress theme that is ideal for photographers and artists.  Ready to use with any mobile device, you can customize your site with malleable administrative theme preferences.  This theme contains 2 premade skins and Meta descriptions and keywords for SEO.  You will also be privy to knowledgeable support during downloads.

Uber – WordPress Photography Theme:

The Uber theme for WordPress is the platform used to get people thinking and keep them interested. Add your own call-to-action below the automated photo ticker, an interactive display of your most notable projects. Share your informative or inspirational blogs or direct clients to related pages with the drop-down menu on the tool bar.

Reveal – Customizable Theme:

Take the minimalist approach with the Reveal theme for WordPress. This responsive motif offers clients a simple platform through which to navigate. Fully customizable and typically compatible with most devices, this unique display keeps the attention on your most pertinent content while exhibiting the interesting image thumbnails of your choice right on the homepage.

Chroma – Retina ready Theme:

Gain access to over 16 album layout options with fully customizable configurations and transitions on each slide. Chroma allows you to easily create sliders that link to your albums, as well as display before and after photos, pictures in loupe view, photostrips, and more. With retina ready displays, this is a photographer’s dream.

Shape from Tesla Themes:

Tesla Themes are the smartest way to go when developing a unique site through WordPress. Shape is a responsive layout that allows you to display your blog, portfolio, photography website, and more through the use of interesting imagery. Take the clean, minimalist approach with filterable galleries, drag and drop functionality, and awesome transition effects.

Vulcano – Google Maps,Ajax Contact form:

Creatively display your works with the Vulcano template by Tesla Themes. With responsive design packed full of width elements, social media tools, built-in shortcodes, filterable portfolio implements, access to Google Maps, and AJAX contact forms, this clean theme is ideal for photography websites, small businesses, and creative agencies alike.

Awesome -Minimalist Photography Theme:

Your images, slideshows, and videos have never looked more attractive. Use the Awesome theme for WordPress and display your exclusive works in the big header images section. No more boring thumbnail grids; use the interactive and fully customizable settings to create a unique minimalist look that keeps clients interested.

Chromatic – WordPress Photography Theme:

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Use Chromatic to do that; and take advantage of the ultimate WordPress photography theme. With features like customizable portfolio presentations, versatile page and blog layouts, and drag and drop widgets, you can surely create a site that will drastically increase conversions.

Sell Photos – theme to Sell Pictures Online:

Give yourself the chance to sell more pictures online with the Sell Photos theme for WordPress. This clean platform is updated and highly responsive. It offers boldly understated layouts, light box options, advanced search capabilities, and even drag and drop widgets for ease of use. Ideal for professionals, this theme makes the perfect companion for hobbyists as well.

Stock Photography:

The Stock Photography theme for WordPress is perfect if you want to run your own photography business like a boss. Easily manage your photographic portfolio or blog, use the light box option to display your favorites, and then sell your photos to anyone in the world with the language tool.

Snaps – WordPress Portfolio Theme:

Showcase your portraits or photo galleries with the Snaps theme for WordPress. Add social icons to your main page navigational tools to help streamline your portfolio, or customize your headers and backgrounds to create your own unique brand. With a grid layout on the homepage, you can display your favorite photos with an attractive fade-in effect.

Gridspace – Theme for Designers, Artists:

Gridspace is the unique and simple WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for designers, artists, and photographers. Tweak your post format to coordinate you?re your exclusive brand; and then organize your portfolio or show off your portrait or music blog with minimally styles navigation controls that allow your work to shine.

Phototouch – Photography Slider:

The responsive layout offered with the PhotoTouch theme for WordPress is outstanding. Enjoy the benefits of a slider with an optional thumbnail gallery, or display a list or grid with one of the numerous layout options. Create a light box link or include an optional RSS search form for easier navigation to your important pages.

Simfo – Minimalistic responsive theme:

With Simfo you can create a minimalistic yet responsive theme with just a touch of grungy modernism. Easily develop a site for your blog or business with a template that is ideal for most browsers and mobile devices. It also includes an optional light box tool for added customization.

Centreal – Center Aligned theme:

Centreal is one of the best center-aligned themes for WordPress. It features a sleek design, with several unique page templates that allow you to showcase your finest work. Choose from 3 different skins or play around with the custom post generator. Add a slider/gallery panel to any page to create a truly spectacular scene.

Reframe – Flexiable WordPress Photography Theme:

If you want a highly flexible and completely customizable theme for WordPress, then look no further than Reframe. This high-resolution platform allows photographers, fashion designers, bloggers, and small businesses to choose from 3 custom skins or a custom post type generator. Layout your project in a way that works best for your needs.

Crystal – Genesis Framework Theme:

Those who love the Genesis Framework will also love the Crystal theme for WordPress. Choose between 6 layout options, or share your vision by utilizing the fixed width format or featured images tool. With threaded comments implements and customizable background options, you can showcase your work with clarity and style.

Pretty Pictures – Portfolio Theme:

Put the attention back on your photography with the Pretty Pictures theme for WordPress. Utilize the customer header and menus options to create your own unique vision; and then, take advantage of the featured image tool as you share your photos with people all over the world, even those using mobile devices.

Galerie – WordPress Portrait Theme:

Let WordPress and the Galerie theme help you show your work off to the whole world. Combine the minimalistic layout with your strong portraits, using some of the extra features that are specially designed for photographers. Quickly and easily customize your slideshows while enjoying them on every portfolio entry.

Photogram – Free Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes:

Use the Photogram theme for WordPress to combine Picasa and Pinterest with your site in a sleek and seamless way for free. This nifty and highly responsive theme allows you to use jQuery effects to create fluidity where there was none, all while enabling users to scroll through pages more easily.

PhotoPress – Cusomizable Background:

Showcase your best work on the web in an elegant way with the Photopress theme for WordPress. Featuring a responsive platform with masonry home and archive pages, your photos and slideshows will be outstanding against your customized background. Use the .Mo and .Po files to help you share your work and words with the world.

Polaroid – Google Typography:

Enjoy this full-width WordPress theme and create a seamless grid homepage for your potential clients. Polaroid makes is possible for photographers to display a stunning first impression. With features like built-in Google Font and a fully responsive design, you can brand your typography to stand out among the plethora competitors.

Zoom: Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes

Created with photographers in mind, Zoom is the best WordPress theme for those who want to develop a visual blog. The clean layout works well with interesting images; and the support gained for the authentic short codes is unmatched, allowing for responsive integration and a more customized design that is W3C valid.


The Vimes theme for WordPress allows you to create a site that is highly unique and fully responsive to client needs. With shortcodes included and the option to use drop-down menus and/or a slider with custom posts, users can benefit from the full width layout that is compatible with most mobile devices.

James – Woocommerce SEO Optimized Photography/Portfolio WordPress Theme:

Flex your mojo with the James 2.0 Woocommerce theme for WordPress. Display up to 10 photos with or without text, or choose floating photo bricks with a light box effect using pictures, videos, or any combination for added appeal. Use the SEO optimized shortcode to make your website translation ready and truly outstanding.

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