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5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

There is no doubt that proper domain name research and branding is one of the necessary step to increase website traffic. In this article we will discuss about how to find a domain name to increase website traffic.

Domain name is your own property; it represents you, your service and your brand. The way you research in-depth before buying a real estate property, you need to do similar research before buying a domain name. Proper initial research on your domain name pays you back in the long run by bringing more users to your website.

Increase Website Traffic
tips find a domain name

Few tips to find Increase Website Traffic

Keep it simple or long:

Domain name is like a phone number instead of numbers you are using words that people can type into their web browsers – long and complicated words are difficult to type and has higher chance of misinterpretation. Small URL’s are easy to say and type.

It is not always possible to find a 4 or 5 letter domain names, for some businesses long and service specific URL’s are more appropriate than short and stupid domain names. For example long domain name “” is more recognizable and valuable than “”; and also if someone Google for “NJ Pest control” your site will get higher ranking from search engines than “ABC Service”.

Find a Unique business name:

Uniqueness is another important criterion to find a domain name, try to find a domain name as unique as possible and also keep in mind that it is appropriate for your business or service.

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