10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is easy, but starting off can be quite complicated. A good blog can easily attract hundreds of thousands of readers, but there are so many blogs that are already out there. What can you add that no one else can do? Whether it is your unique perspective, or your expertise in a particularly area, your blog should be the best representation of you that there can possibly be.Here are 10 top blogging tips for beginners:

Blogging Tips for Beginners:

1. Create quality unique content

Without unique content, you are giving readers absolutely no reason to return to your blog. Make sure that you blog about something that you are passionate about, and that will shine through your writing. Try to give a different angle or perspective on your topics, because there are already so many blogs out there, and people will be flocking to read your blog.

2. Use social media sites

Never underestimate the power of social media. If you can link your blog with a Twitter account, then every single time you post a new blog post, you can share the link on your Twitter account. You can extend this to Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and others social media sites. This will help new people to find your blog and also share your content.

3. Search engines love regular blog updates

The last thing that you want is for no one to really be able to find your blog, so you want to make sure that search engines look on you kindly. To get in their good books, post new blog entries regularly – perhaps every week.

4. Keyword Research

You should know what your readers are looking for, and which words they are searching for. This is where knowing your subject will really help you. It should be really obviously, within your themes, which words will stand out to people, so use them properly and early on in the blog post. This will catch people’s eyes quickly. Read one of my previous article Top Keyword research tools for online business marketing. Keyword research is one of the must follow blogging tip to every blog author.

5. Use images in your posts

A picture says a thousand words, it is said, and when you are starting off to blog, that is definitely true. Having a photo in your post will make what you are writing about much more understandable, and will again help search engines to think highly of you.

6. Keep your site clutter free

If you can possibly avoid it, try to keep adverts out of your blog for as long as possible. They just clutter up the aspect of your blog, and they are a massive turn-off for any readers. Also, if a blog post becomes seriously outdated – perhaps about a current event that has passed – then it may be worth taking it down. Select the theme which is clutter free.

7. Write what you love

Blogging tips alone can’t help you.The very worst blogs are the ones that you read, and you immediately realise that the person that wrote them is just as bored as you are. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t write about it! Your passion for the subject should pour out of every word that you write.

8. Make friends in your niche

One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is to get recommended by someone else within your niche. Take time out of every day to comment on another blog that you enjoy, and you’ll soon build up a relationship with the writers.

9. Learn basic SEO

Put simply, SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. This again helps your blog to be noticed by search engine. Optimising your blog for search engines, in its simplest form, is to include key words and phrases that you know people will be searching for that love the topic that you are writing about. This will lead them directly to your blog.

10. Do Internal/External link building

Links, either within your blog, or between other websites, will make your blog light up more clearly for search engines. This in turn makes it easier for readers to find, and will also help people to believe that you are grounded within your nice.

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