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Best Note taking apps for Android and iPhone – Free/Freemium

Collaborative work and taking personal notes has never been easier and convenient. The digital world is full of excellent note taking apps that you can use for free and with premium paid features. Here’s a great list that you can start with.

Five best Note taking Apps for Android and iPhone:

Evernote:(Best of all)

Rated by many as the best note taking app, Evernote is something that you can’t ignore. It can be on your desktop (Mac or Windows), browser or installed in your mobile (Android, iOS, Windows). The best part, you can sync your notes on all these platforms, which means you’ll access on your daily lists, memos, clippings, and research in whichever device you use.

There’s some magic on how Evernote seems to grow with you the more you use it. At first glance, it may look like a simple notebook that’s similar to other note taking apps, but then you’ll realize that the possibilities are endless. You can create business timelines, goals list and design your own calendar, very much like a clean slate of new notebook pages. It’s easy to organize with notebooks acting like folders that contain pages of assorted notes, plus you can put in tags on each for easy searching.

Simple Note:

Among the thousands of note taking apps for iOS and Android, Simple Notes takes the next in reign. Its high ratings are purely attributed to its name and feature, on how it simplifies your notes, lists and reminders. It’s also available for Mac and Kindle users, and you can sync everything on all the devices where it’s installed.

The simple blue and white theme is an understatement on how it can organize your life tasks. You can create packing and travel lists, grocery and event checklist, reminders for every occasion. Notes are updated instantly and you can search on similar notes you’ve made back in time by using the search box. Apart from that, it has a very handy backup option, to help you revert back notes you’ve lost. You can share and use it anywhere, and best of all, the app is free.


Take down anything that you need to do with Any.Do! This task management and note taking software can help you accomplish your daily goals, business and office tasks with its neat interface and effective reminder system. Get addicted with checking off your to do lists where you can set alarms for today, or later in the future. Lists are synchronized with all apps installed from your mobile and into your online account.

You can also share these with your family, and office colleagues for more effective and real time collaboration. You can add notes, comments or integrate it with phone functions like email, call or text.

Microsoft One Note:

Microsoft One Note is a great task management tool and dubbed as the best note taking app. Eversince it was offered free online last 2014, it grew huge number of fans and is a strong contender against Evernote. Odd as it may seem, the app is also available for Mac and iOS users. One Note can be as versatile as Evernote and often compared with other note taking apps.

You can plan your travels and save clippings of articles and websites for your notes. You can create checklists for office tasks and add hand drawn notes and doodles on them. Get rid of paper work and take pictures of receipts for easier accounting later. Searching through numerous notes is easy, it can filter through notes and texts on images as well.

Google Keep:

It seems that every major online platform now is adding its own note taking software. Google Keep is not just another app, it has new features that make it earn that worthy space on your apps list. It synchronizes fast with your Google account and the interface intuitive to use. Apart from that, you can take voice notes, so you can play it back later. This is very useful for those who need an easier and faster way to save notes and ideas, rather than typing or using your stylus for handwritten lists.

You can also archive checklists that you’ve finished already and for easy retrieval, instead of deleting them. The only setback on this is that there’s no official version that you can install for iOS users.

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