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Looking for the best Android games? Android is one of the popular mobile device these days. Using this, you can enjoy the fun playing different exciting games that you want. Of course, you want to load your phone with several grade-A gaming. So, if you are a grizzled mobile gamer and look for something exciting and new, you can have the best Android games in the market.
Story-driven acting games, white-knuckled competing games, casual and cute puzzle games are some of the best Android games that you will absolutely find in the Play Stores. Android gametes are several of the most entertaining that you may fill up on your phone. You can have lots of top rated games that will definitely make you confuse on which one may suit on you. You may also want to check out the best Android RPG games.
So, here are the lists of some best Android games that will surely give you an amazing performance.

Puzzle Games for Android
Puzzle Games for Android

Contre Jour. Having a classy, innovative and polished puzzler with a totally sublime soundtrack makes Contre Jour one of the best Android games. This kind of game is indeed an interesting mix elements that you can find in Cut the Rope, Portal and World of Goo. The players need to utilize several elements for moving tiny cycloptic blob individual around to pick up blue orbs that have scattered around the phase without falling target to spikes, pits and other hazards. The style of art is cute and dark, which leaves a certain lasting impression.

Fruit Ninja. There’s no more intense satisfaction that you will feel once you play Fruit Ninja to slice open juicy fruit like ninja precision. This is one of the easy and most loved Android game around the world, where children can also play. In-app acquisitions have been executed for definite power apps, however the star fruit that you will earn during normal gameplay could be used to purchase the bonus fruit, new blades and bomb deflectors.

Machinery – Physics Puzzle – A simple game that allow players to build machines from batteries, circuits and sticks. You will only build a complex machine in order for you to achieve a simple mission. Build cranes, bulldozers and other machines for making path to one or various marbles. Apparatus may be a simple game, but an addictive and fun Android game, surely a must-have for users with Android mobiles.

Spaceteam. One of the distinctly sole local multiplayer Android game, in which players are then presented by ridiculously-categorized spaceship consoles with all method of knobs, sliders, buttons and switches. Every player has a flashing message telling them and control needs to become tweaked, saving their ship to explode. Indeed, Spaceteam will become among your most entertaining party games that you will play.

Grow. The Grow is somewhat similar to Freeding Frenzy. This game pits you against the other fishes in a small aquarium. That means you need to utilize your evasive tricks and secret moves to make your littly fry raise to complete with other big fishes inside the aquarium.
One popular reasons why individuals buy Android phones is due to mobile gaming. Once you feel bored, you can use your Android device and divert your attention with its several fantastic games. Games bring lots of thrill and the best Android games 2020 will help you to choose the perfect games for you.

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