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Download free Sims2 full version for PC (Windows and MAC)

The green diamond icon on top of everyone’s head, the ability to design your home, work on your career, visit friends and fall in love in a virtual world – that’s all possible with Sims 2. Electronic Arts (EA) games have released dozens of Sims versions, ranging from different worlds, pets, cities and extension packs, however the most popular is the Sims 2. Continue to download free Sims2 full version for PC (Windows and MAC).

Launched in 2004, this predecessor from its first version was a huge success due to amazing expansion packs that widened imagination of its players in the virtual reality world. The strategic life simulation game spawned more fans than the first basic version because of the ability to control your characters with activities and expressions that closely resembled reality. The whole game is open-ended, players can create their story lines any way they want. From there, the Sims game expanded into other creative versions like Medieval, Sims City, Sims Pet Stories and lot more. Sims 4 is now the latest base game, but EA Games has also released their mobile app versions, more than mobile versions I love Sims 2/Sims 3 on my Windows computer.

EA Games loves to give surprises to its fans and to gaming communities. Last July 2014, EA announced that they are ending support for Sims 2. From EA’s help site, this means that they won’t be releasing any more updates and new bug updates on Sims 2. However, if you still have problems on the game, you can still contact EA Help.

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That’s not just the surprise EA announced. Though it’s an old version of the popular game, numerous fans demanded that they opened Sims 2 free download full version. Like an early Christmas wish granted for gamers, EA released the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free using their download client Origin. You can use a promotional product code to unlock it, and it includes Nightlife, Pets, Bon Voyage, Holiday Party Pack, Apartment Life, University and all the other expansion packs on this version. Relive your old game life with this collection – throw Sims parties, go on a date, grow your career and bank accounts, buy gadgets and expand your garden, run a Greek sorority house or go on a winter vacation again in Sims’ virtual world.

How to Download free Sims 2 full version:

  1. Download Origin for PC at It works for both Mac OS X 10.6.8 and above, and at least at Windows XP. It only needs 150MB of your disk space.
  2. Run the installer file. It’s named as OriginThinSetup.exe for Windows and Origin.dmg for Mac users. Go through the installation steps.
  3. Create your own Origin account from the website.
  4. Open Origin and log-in with your account UID and password.
  5. Click on ‘Games’ tab and then click on ‘Redeem Product Code’ located at the upper left hand side.
  6. Enter the code “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS.” EA games has provided this free redeem product code for Sims 2 for limited time only. There is no guarantee when will the code expire, so we suggest you check it and if it still works, download Sims 2 right away.
  7. Once the code is accepted, you will be redirected to a download option for the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Pack.
  8. Install the entire pack and run the game. You should have access to the base game as well as expansions on Sims 2. Have fun!

Origin is EA Games distribution or download manager. It is a gateway to several other games and relevant resources in the gaming community. These ranges from free packs to paid ones, and you can connect with friends and forums using this program. If you run into any problems in installing or running Origin and Sims collections, please contact EA Help.