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5 Best Video players for iPhone, iPad and iPod

iPhone users everywhere have often bemoaned the fact that due to Apple’s plethora of security restrictions, it is rather tricky to use any third party video players for iPhone that can hold a candle to the built-in versions. Thankfully there are now a clutch of very capable video players for iPhone and iPad that work extremely well and allow Apple smartphone users the luxury of choice for once. We’ll run the rule over these bad boys right now and maybe you can see one that will find its way to your own iPhone in a little while!

Best Video Players for iPhone and iPad:

PlayerXtreme HD:
We’ll kick off with an excellent video player that can offer iPhone users lots of possibilities despite the mega-secure confines of their favorite smartphone platforms. PlayerXtreme HD supports a plethora of file formats and uses a desktop style folder interface for user enjoyment. It also supports streaming over Wi-Fi, UPNP and SMB and opens files directly from email attachments. You can also hide those folders that you’d rather not share and you can even edit the way that subtitles are displayed. You can also watch videos downloaded from Youtube and other online sources using this player.


GoodPlayer is an aptly named video application that has almost as many plus points as our first review subject. Totally free to download and kind of strips away the more fiddly features that most of us won’t really need. Excellent for Podcast and also pretty easy to sync in with iTunes. GoodPlayer offers first time video player users an excellent way to get on the first rung of that particular ladder.


Featuring some of the best tweaks available on any video player platform, RockPlayer2 is a massive hit among iPhone users across the globe. With the ability to share files between individual devices and the option to support Loss less Audio has made this application a must have for those who take their visual goodies seriously. RockPlayer2 is a free download and with TV support and media file management included, this makes it a real contender for video player of the moment!


An extremely powerful video player that will cost you less than a dollar, OPlayer is an Olimsoft creation that offers screen lock, ftp client options and AirPlay as part and parcel of a very tempting alternative. If you can live through the rather irritating adverts, this is a must have video player for those with a love of total control possibilities.

CineXPlayer HD:

This paid video player is probably one of the finest of its kind available today and if you don’t mind shelling out $1.99, you will get an excellent and stable video player that will play your favorite clips and movies without breaking a sweat! Impressive security options and an iCloud Backup Blocker to name just 2 of the unique features that CineXPlayer is rocking make this a very hard video player application to ignore!

We’ve shown you 5 of the top video players for iPhone on the market today and really hope that you try each of these for yourselves and see which one makes you smile the most – enjoy!

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