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5 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

Turn your mobile into ninja mode!  We’ve gathered 5 of the best spy camera and video apps for both Android and iOS phones. A hidden camera app can turn on your phone’s stealth mode when capturing videos and photos. No shutter or button sounds, and the app automatically sets other phone activities off. No awkward incoming ringtones or messages that will bust your cover. Also, these apps enable you to take shots even without the phone screen ON.

You can just walk around and blend with the crowd while taking pictures or videos. Just in case someone questions your phone use, these apps can be set to show a different icon image and make it look like other non-camera apps. In case of inspections, images are also stored in secret folders.

Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android and iPhone:

iRecorder – Video Recorder :

Ever wanted to take to secretly take photos with your phone? iRecorder for Android and iOS lets you turn off your screen and still take pictures discreetly with volume buttons. If you need multiple burst shots, use the auto-click and auto-interval settings to cover every movement of the subject you’re aiming at. You can also set it to take snapshots on front or back cameras. Worried if someone might review your albums? When installed on either iPhone or Android phone, this secret camera app has a discreet icon and name. This app can also be set to save pictures on a hidden folder.

Hidden Camera:

No sounds, no previews, no traces on your regular photo albums. Available for free for both iOS and Android users, Hidden Camera app installs a secret widget on your menu and by tapping it, this app takes pictures right away. When there’s no time to load camera apps and albums, this app lets you capture fleeting moments. All images are saved inside a secret folder. You can set which camera and resolution by default it’s going to use.  How to know if the app took the shot? You can turn on the vibration or short message notification on the app.

Spy Video Recorder Camera:

Take your stealth mode to the next level with video recordings. Although this Spy Video Recorder Camera app lets you take photos discretely, it also takes 1080p HD videos as well. The phone will look like it’s completely off, no shutter sounds and notifications. It’ll record videos continuously but the files will split up every 2GB.  This hidden camera video recorder has comprehensive settings for both image captures and videos. You can set the cameras it’ll use, image quality, focus mode, vibrate feedback and intensity. It’s also allows customization of the storage folder and icon image – make it look like calculator, notes or other images.  This way, you know that even when someone inspects your phone, they won’t suspect or see any other camera icons other than the phone’s default app.

Silent Camera:

Just like a sneaky cat, take photos everywhere discreetly with this app. A sneaky spy camera for Android and iOS phones, Silent Camera takes off any sounds when taking pictures. Hearing shutter sounds trigger paranoia and suspicious looks from people around you, and also you don’t want to blow your cover if you’re spying on someone. There are black screen settings for both front and back cameras, vibrate and photo notifications options. You can also set the preview time, and shooting mode – timer, basic, continuous shooting. This hidden camera app also has an integrated photo editing tool and image filters based on lighting conditions.

Mobile Hidden Camera:

Whether you’re a detective or someone who just wants to spy on someone, Mobile Hidden Camera is an indispensable tool. The key to maintaining your cover is to blend with the crowd without looking like you’re taking photos of someone already. When you open this secret camera app, it won’t look like you’re in a new interface. You’ll only see the background screen of your phone, which looks like regular active display. Tap the center and that’s the only time you’ll get the main menu. There are settings for which camera you’ll use, camera modes, photos and video resolution. This sneaky hidden camera video app also allows you to completely block incoming calls during recordings.