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Top 10 apps for every freelancer‏ – iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices

When you work as a freelancer you enjoy far more freedom as part and parcel of your typical routine and that is one of the main attractions of this ever increasing occupational choice. But you also are faced with dealing with some very busy schedules and quite often it can become rather stressful as a result. This is where it pays to have an arsenal of applications that can really lighten the workload when applied effectively. This article looks to the ten best freelancer apps in existence. So if you are currently in need of some digital assistance, you have certainly come to the right place! We offer an unbiased review of each of these mini miracles and you should more than enough options here to make your own freelancing efforts a little more effective in the future. Most of this apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Windows Phones and Tablets.

Best Freelancer Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones:


This storage facility is a real godsend for those of us who need to get access to our files wherever we may be. You can get everything from the cloud and the ‘sync-ability’ of dropbox means that your downtime is minimized from the outset. Extremely user friendly and the drag and drop interface makes the whole thing child’s play! Dropbox basic account starts with 2GB free space. Register now


Formerly known as Read It Later, pocket is a great bookmarking application that reminds you about that great stuff you really should read before you forget. You can save Websites, Pictures, Articles and even Video, You can also organize them and sit down when you have some spare time and digest the whole show at your leisure


The social media giant is a must have for any serious freelancer because you can pick up some invaluable followers with just a few insightful posts. As well as connecting to your audience, you can use Twitter to stay in touch with your smartphone no matter where you happen to be.

Invoice2Go Plus:

Being able to generate an invoice for your hard work is something that all freelancers should be able to do, and now they can! Invoice2Go plus allows you to upload your personal logo onto your invoice template and you can even add PayPal buttons if you wish! If you opt for the Plus version you will have enough software to keep happy and those invoices will soon be making you rich!


Unless you are literally a walking thesaurus, this application will ensure that all of your communications are error and grammar free. Nobody enjoys struggling for words and you never will as long as you have this App installed on your PC, MAC or Smartphone.

Task lists are real lifesavers for busy freelancers and they do not come any better than! As well as being truly functional, this best rated task list application is beautiful to behold and will soon be running your business in a quiet and fuss-free manner.


Never let those wonderful ideas disappear into the ether again because Evernote has your back. You can capture these little gems as they happen and store and sync them in a way that allows access when you are ready for it, not when you have other things going down. According to me this is one of the best Freelancer App.
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Collaboration and freelancing are two verbs that always seem to come together, and now you can use Trello to ensure the results are great. Organize your projects and use Trello to help you assign those tricky tasks to the employees and colleagues that can add the most value to them. Download Trello for Android Phones and Tablets.


Doing your accounts as a freelancer is not always a pleasant task, at least with Wave in your corner you can get them right first time. With detailed reports and direct link bank information at your fingertips, what is not to like about this accounting application?


Time management is a crucial part of freelancing and should you get it wrong, the results could be catastrophic indeed. With Harvest helping you where it really matters, you can organize and observe the time distribution issues without breaking a sweat! Download Harvest for iPhone or iPad now.

Each of these 10 freelancer applications are pure gold, so why not download them all and start working in a more organised way?

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