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Download XBOX Emulator for Android – XBOX 360 Android emulator

Not all games and apps are available on all platforms, and moreover, to other devices. In the case of Xbox and PS3 gamers, we’re restricted and tied with our game consoles. If only you can install same game on your mobile or Android tablet, then you can level up faster than your friends. You can also play anywhere, even when you’re travelling or during long bus rides.

The main problem why most game developers for Xbox and PS cannot release Android versions of a game is that it will require high memory and processor speed. Most mobile phones or tablets can’t handle this and will surely crash or lag with the heavy resolution and effects.

Game consoles aside, is there really a way to play Xbox games on your Android mobile? Good news, there is a solution to this. You can install a PS3 or XBOX emulator for Android. It’ll work similarly just like when playing at home, only with the smaller screen of your mobile or tablet. Do you know how to play your favorite Android games Sims2 , Doctor Driving for PC, Temple run and others on Windows PCs? Click here to know Android emulator for PC.

How to Download XBOX Emulator for Android?

PPSSPP is an XBOX, PSP and PS3 emulator for Android devices. It also has versions for iOS, and Windows PC. The software is first of its kind, free and an open-source project. However it requires mobile phones to have at least 1GB RAM and dual processor. Make sure that your mobile phone has these specifications or else the video and game resolution will suffer. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the E-Box Xbox emulator Android version here.
  2. It’s an apk file and you need to install it on your Android phone.
  3. Once installed, look for the PPSSPP folder on your local memory. Take note of this location.
  4. Next, download PS or Xbox games on your mobile.
  5. Open the Game folder and copy the PSP or Xbox game file onto the PPSSPP folder.

XBOX emulator for Android Information:

  • PPSSPP works well with most Android devices, even for Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S. There might be problems for phones with NVidia Shield, because it does not supprt OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • For those who want to use controllers, there are issues with D-pad on Moga Pro. Please refer to PPSSPP forums online for experiences of others with other game controller brands and models.
  • To play PSP games, you need to get the ISO and install the ‘custom firmware’. Insert the UMD on your PSP and then connect your PC to your PSP using a USB cable. You’ll get the option for custom firmware at the PSP menu. You need to choose the USB connection for this so that the ISO file will be saved on your computer.