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Download WeChat for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

As far as smartphone messaging applications goes there are certainly a wide choice for discerning users, but WeChat for PC tends to stand apart from the crowd for all the right reasons. Hitting way developing countries such as India in a relatively short period of time, WeChat allows us to have far more functionality compared to the rather expensive paid SMS and video messaging services that are part and parcel of a typical smartphone setup. The exciting news is that this innovative and reliable service can now be enjoyed by PC users as well! Now follow my instructions here to download WeChat for PC (Windows 7,8, 10 and MAC)

So Why WeChat?

As we briefly touched on earlier, if there are so many choices of messaging applications, why should you care about WeChat? Well, there are some fantastic features that include the ability to have a chat with up to 40 buddies at the same time! Some very slick animated smilies and a crystal clear voice platform are all standard here! Being able to use this on your PC means that you can stay in the comms loop at work or at home without the need to tie up your valuable smartphone facility. You will be required to install a recognised Android Emulation platform and we’ll cover this in the next paragraph. If you have already sampled Android legends such as Temple Run 2 and Badland, then you’ll know how seamlessly these bad boys will run on your Windows machine.

Download WeChat for PC:

For your Android Emulation application of choice, try BlueStacks every time because this package always ticks all of the boxes for this type of conversion process:

  • Go directly to the BlueStacks site and install the Android Emulation application onto your PC
  • Once you have installed the application you can use the useful search bar to locate WeChat via the BlueStacks website.
  • Install WeChat and you are good to go!

WeChat Your Heart Out!
As well as being totally functional and very easy to use, WeChat is whole lot of fun for online parties and fun conferences, so the sooner that you have this as a part of your PC arsenal the better for you!