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Download and Install Flappy bird for PC

Unless you are totally disinterested in digital gaming, the chances are that you will already know a fair but about the recent phenomenon otherwise known as Flappy Birds. Developed by a Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen, Flappy Birds is an incredibly addictive yet simple game that became the number one free iPhone game application in mid-January this year. Due to personal reasons, Nguyen decided to withdraw the game and those iPhone users lucky enough to have the game on their handheld devices have been able to sell their iPhones and iPads for some serious cash. Now you can download and Install Flappy bird for PC.

Why Flappy Bird is not available now for Smart Phones?

Although Nguyen continues to develop games, it is extremely unlikely that a sequel will ever see the light of day. Nguyen has given several statements as to why he decided to pull Flappy Birds from the smartphone markets. It is believed that he didn’t even intend to release the game and was totally unprepared for the massive success that followed. He was understandably upset about a few suggestions that inferred the high ranking was simply hype and some people have even gone so far as to say that death threats were the main impetus to withdraw Flappy Birds. During his interview with Forbes, Nguyen voice disapproval at the way his game had been perceived as having addictive qualities, he is quoted as saying ‘The game is gone forever.’

Download Flappy Bird for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 Touch):

If you fancy a slice of this short lived yet well received modern classic and currently run a PC, follow these instructions for some direct old school gameplay in a matter of minutes:

  • To run this game on your PC you will need to use an Android Emulator, BlueStacks is a great choice.
  • Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  • Download Flappy Birds Apk file from here
  • Open your Flappy Birds .apk file with BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Start having some serious fun!

How to Play Flappy Bird on PC (Windows):

Playing Flappy Birds is so simple and that is part of the attraction! All you have to do is tap the screen to make the Flappy Bird fly and try to navigate your way through the vertical pipes. The further that you get, the better the prizes! Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals are all up for grabs so what are you waiting for?

Flappy Bird like games:

If you have already installed BlueStacks and Flappy Birds but still need an extra fix of winged madness, try these other Android games out:

  • Flappy Bird Revenge Bird –A very cool twist on the original that is bound to keep you glues to your PC screen for even longer!
  • Red Flappy Bird 2 –Not only will you have to avoid those dreaded pipes, but there are now bombs as well!
  • Plump Bird –a rather fat feathered friend in a side-scrolling set up that will have you enamored from the word go!
  • Flappy Dog Online –A flying dog that can actually pilot a plane? Whatever next, a bird that you can take for a walk?

Also download Temple Run 2 for PC.

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