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Best Free Scanner Apps for Android Phones and Tablets ( Galaxy, HTC, MOTO and others)

In recent times, the need to have a functional scanning tool has increased to the point where our nearly paperless society has demanded that new and existing handheld devices require this feature as a matter of cause. Just think about it; if you are working as a freelancer and are able to claim back for your journeys and meals, how convenient it could be to simply scan the receipt into your phone and be on your merry way! The great news for Android smartphone and tablet users is that there are plenty of Free Scanner Apps to choose from and usually you can download and install them in a few minutes. So check out this review article and we will walk you through the best 5 free scanner apps for your Android tablets and phones right now!

5 Best Free Scanner Apps for Android Phones and Tablets:

CamScanner (Free):

We’ll get the scanner ball rolling with the excellent Camscanner and with over 50,000 registrations every day, this application seems to be ticking some serious boxes already. Once you’ve installed the application you can start using your Android smartphone or tablet as a mobile scanning device for receipts, business cards and whatever else you need to save for later. Camscanner also allows you to connect directly to any nearby printers for those times when you need to print out hard copies. You can also create a bespoke scanning group and the smart cropping feature allows you to keep exactly what you need and discard the rest. Check here list of excellent Note taking apps, Don’t use paper or notepad here after.

PDF Document Scanner(Free):

Our second scanning application is a very wise choice for Android smartphone and tablet users because it has a bunch of slick features as well as the vital scanning functionality. You can add post processing effects to those images for a cleaner result and you’ll also be able to transfer the .pdf files to your PC or MAC computer. As well as some much needed peace of mind, having the PDF Document scanner as a part of your arsenal will enable you to spend more time on your main business role because you will know that the back end is all taken care of!

My Scans(Free/Paid):

If you love a straightforward application that delivers every time, then My Scans is the one that you want! You literally just take snap of the document, business card, bill or receipt and save it to the application’s database. My Scans will convert your work of art into a slick .pdf document and you can get on with the rest of your day or evening. The free version is fabulous although you will have to put up with a watermark on exported pages. You can also print these files directly from your Android smartphone or tablet and you can also email the .pdf file if required.

Droid Scan Lite(Free/Paid):

With Droid Scan Lite you can join the paperless revolution and make your life easier all in one fell swoop. This Android application will turn your scans into .pdf files and even upload them to Google Drive if you like. Also compatible with both Box OneCloud and Evernote, Droid Scan Lite is fully integrated to deal with storage issues whatever the size of your expense account. You will also get terrific multiple resolutions and some serious high resolution options when the occasion demands. Droid Scan Lite offers you so much without even charging you a single bean.

Scan Master(Free):

Our final Android scanner application is a real heavyweight and will transform either your smartphone or Android tablet into a very capable multi functional scanner. Once you have recorded your target documents, Scan Master allows you some serious editing functionality that creates some very clean looking .pdf results. With multi-path image possibility and some slick .pdf sharing capabilities, we think that Scan Master is more than up to the task of dealing with your paperless trail! It also has a very concise search facility that ensures you are never left wondering about where the heck that receipt has ended up.

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Each of these Android scanning applications has something unique to offer, so choose the one you like the sound of and say goodbye to paper receipt storage forever!