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Best Android Calendar App and Widget (Free and Paid)

more of your daily activities intertwined with mobile technology, it cannot be avoided to make use of the mobile phone’s calendar app to organize your day. But more than just reminding you of your friend’s birthday or a doctor’s appointment, there are some calendar apps available for Android users that offer a lot more. Some of the best Android calendar apps available today are listed below:

Best Android Calendar and Widgets:


For a heavy calendar user, aCalendar may be the best Android calendar for you to use. Packed with different features, this app goes beyond saving important dates. First, the app provides a convenient way for you to check for appointments with its horizontal and vertical swipes in reviewing your timeline. Second, aCalendar’s view is customizable as monthly, weekly and daily views. You can also change the start of your week on your preferred day. Another feature that includes aCalendar in the list of the best calendar app for Android, is its good power management. Instead of using active polling for updates, aCalendar gets push updated from the system. aCalendar is for free and unlike the other calendar apps, it is ad-free. An option to upgrade to Calendar+ will add more views, new color themes and advanced settings. A portion of what you pay for will also help the protection of Mountain Tapirs.

Business Calendar(Free):

Developed by Mikado Software, Business Calendar can flawlessly sync in with Google calendar. Its clean and crisp interface gives you the impression that this app was built to help you improve productivity.  One of the outstanding functions that make Business Calendar one of the best calendar app for Android is that you can search any events within the calendar, something not available in most of Android calendar apps.

The app also provides greater flexibility in viewing your schedule by giving you a snap shot of your daily schedule simply by tapping that particular day while you are in a month view. This saves you time in going back in forth from your monthly to daily views. Business Calendar is for free but is ad-supported. If you want to maximize the use of this app, upgrading to a Pro version will remove the ad and give you additional features such as linking of appointments to contacts, templates for events are customizable, light and dark themes and advance settings on widget.

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The first impression for anyone using Cal is that it has a very intuitive design. Checking your daily schedule with this app is pretty much exciting as it integrates new photo everyday in its interface that ranges from fashion, food, art, landscapes and more. If you have a task listed in another app such as Any.Do it will also appear in the calendar. See here Best note taking apps for Android and iPhone

You can also integrate your Facebook account allowing you to see the birthday of your friends. The month view also displays each day with a red line underneath, giving you a quick overview of which week is the busiest. This may be the best Android calendar for someone who wants an efficient method in prioritizing and scheduling their appointments.

Download Google Calendar– Calendar Android App

Cozi Family Organizer:

Cozi has raised the bar with its competitor among Android calendar app. Dedicated to improve productivity among family members; this app is more than just your basic calendar app. It functions as a shared family calendar wherein you can view your own schedule or the entire family. You can also set some reminders so anyone within the group will not miss any important dates. The app is also dedicated in making your grocery list paperless with its shopping list feature. You can also back track on memorable events that happened in the past by jotting down short description on photos you have taken or simply write down anything you want to share, as if its a family journal. To complete the experience, family recipes can also be included, helping you to plan your meal for the next days to come. Cozi is free for download but should you find it quite useful, you have the option to upgrade to Cozi Gold for $29.99/year. Additional features with the upgrade include mobile themes, calendar change notification, ad-free and VIP customer support.

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Developed by Digibites, Digical comes with highly customizable themes and multiple calendar views. Aside from the usual daily, weekly and monthly view, you can also see your appointments by agenda that resembles your paper organizer. The view is displayed using a Holo Light or Holo Dark theme. What makes this app standout from the rest is its notification.  Though an actionable notification is common among calendar apps, Digical adds a map and navigation feature making sure you that you arrive promptly on your next appointment and in the right location. Also, the app comes with four beautifully-designed widgets: a Grid widget that shows your entire month with text and is with customizable number of rows and columns; a List Style widget that has an overview of the appointments and tasks within a day with neat shortcuts in place; a Day widget that displays the events occurring in  a particular day and is neatly presented in a single tile and; a Day List widget showing you a snapshot of the events in a particular day with the rest of the other events schedule on the coming days. DigaCal is for free but is also ad-supported. If you choose to have an ad-free app you can purchase DigiCal+  and you will gain access to additional features such as theme pre-sets, customizable background colors and an option to choose which calendar to display on the widget.

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